Staying Connected in a Time of Social Distancing

At the time of writing, humanity is facing an incredibly huge obstacle: COVID-19. Borders are closed, people are in quarantine, and stress levels are rising as we face uncertain times. The world as we all know it has been turned upside down, affecting everyone in many different ways. While we are a business, FeetUp is first and foremost a team of human beings—many with families, all who care deeply about community.

Our main goal as a company is to help others feel safe and stay grounded when things turn upside down. That’s why we do what do! One of the ways FeetUp has been able to do this is by creating community by inspiring trust in movement, continually looking for new ways to bring everyone together even now as we need to create safe space apart.

We invite EVERYONE to post videos and photos of their FeetUp practice to our Facebook Community group... especially in your local tongue! Whatever language you speak— German, Italian, Spanish, English— the world is listening! Scroll down to find links to the a variety of YouTube class playlists for inspiration and support.

You are not alone! Have fun, be creative, and inspire others by expressing yourself. May we all stay healthy and engaged during these challenging times. We are here with you and here for you…together.

Check out these links for YouTube playlists of FeetUp Classes in various languages:


We’ve got a super vibrant Facebook Group here: FeetUp Community on FB

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