How Much Weight Can Your FeetUp Trainer Support?

The FeetUp Trainer has been lab tested to hold weight up to 2000 lbs / 900kg before showing any sign of breaking. Here’s a quick example on how durable the frame is:

We’ve put a lot of work into creating a powerful tool for making inversions more accessible for most practitioners. Because the FeetUp Trainer can support a maximum load much heavier than any human, how much someone weighs is not as important as the direction and speed their weight moves.

The frame has been specifically designed to maintain stability in three directions: Forward, Back (mounting / dismounting) and Downward (vertically stacked). When on a flat surface and against a wall for maximum support, it is virtually impossible to tip the FeetUp Trainer over when used correctly.

Similar to riding a bike, it doesn’t take much effort to tilt the Trainer from side to side (laterally). For many, having your FeetUp against the wall is a great set of “training wheels” to help build confidence while exploring body awareness. Lateral instability can be great feedback for understanding vertical alignment and balanced weight distribution. When starting out, remember to keep hips over shoulders and gently hug legs/knees together until you feel confident to begin expanding outward.

Thankfully, there are plenty of variations to help practitioners of all heights and proportions slowly work towards finding their way! Go slow, take frequent rests, and don’t forget: inversions are just one of the many ways a FeetUp Trainer can support your healthy movement practice. 

2 thoughts on “How Much Weight Can Your FeetUp Trainer Support?

  1. Bessie says:

    I just got my FeetUp and I’m terrified of relaxing inverted because I worry it will let go or break and I will land on my head!

  2. Daniel Scott says:

    Bessie! We totally understand how wild it may feel to do something that was previously thought to be impossible. Here’s what I recommend: place the trainer against a wall and start small with grounded inversions (feet on the ground, shoulders supported by the cushion). The Trainer will not break. The only breaking you should focus on here is through that wall of fear 🙂

    Check out this blog post for a huge amount of information that may help you:

    YOU GOT THIS! Keep us posted.

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