Introducing WoodPower: Organic Tools for Building Strength & Balance

WoodPower. Made with love, inspired by the planet!

WoodPower tools are durable, high-quality organic inventions that support your workout without stressing your wallet. Transform your practice into a force of nature! These products are incredibly well-made from quality materials at a very affordable price. We plant trees to honor every sale we make and commit to using only sustainably harvested wood.
Let’s save the planet together, one workout at a time.

Balance Blocks Flat

These classic wood blocks are great for handstand, hand balance, plank and flexibility training. Enjoy a raised, flat surface for more leverage and grip while maintaining proper arm alignment. Whether you’re looking for more support or extra challenge, these palm-sized powerhouses have got you covered! 

Balance Blocks Comfort

Designed with minimal material for maximum durability and small enough to fit your back pocket. Buffed edges with a contoured angle provides maximum comfort during long workouts. You’ll always feel right at home on your Balance Blocks, no matter where you practice.

PowerBars XS + XS Long

These parallettes are perfect for anyone into bodyweight, calisthenics, gymnastics and CrossFit workouts. Get ready to blast through countless push-ups, L-sits, floating tucks, planches, dips, jump-throughs, and straddle sits!

PowerBars XL

Take your strength practice to new heights! The beechwood bars absorb sweat for maximum grip while providing a comfortable, neutral wrist position. Each triangular base is custom fitted with durable silicon pads that ensure your PowerBars will only move when you want them to.

The WoodPower PowerBoard

No more endless searching for that sweet spot! Give yourself VIP status wherever you train: indoors, outdoors, & everywhere in between. Laser-cut markers offer clear guidance for proper hand placement each and every time. There is no better surface to practice handstands than the WoodPower PowerBoard!

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