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The Yoga of Sustainability: Local Mindfulness, International Action, Future Focus

The FeetUp® Trainer. Designed in Germany, built in Europe, and found in yoga rooms all over the world! As more people look to us for help in deepening a connection to safe inversions and stable alignment, we take great steps to ensure that our effort to support yogis on every continent is matched by a […]

Forward Head Posture: Put Your Smartphone Down, Get Your FeetUp!

There’s an incredibly high likelihood that your second brain is causing you more pain than you think. Improper smartphone use is a major cause of neck pain and headaches. Forward Head Posture (aka FHP,  “Text Neck” or “Turtle Neck”) is a repetitive stress injury stemming from excessive texting, viewing, or everyday operation of a handheld device for […]

What Does it Mean to be Ethically Vegan and Why is That Important?

From our very beginning, sustainability been one of FeetUp’s highest priorities. We treat our suppliers fairly, invest back into the communities that support our production, and have carefully crafted an ethically vegan item that contains no animal products. “But what does that mean?” Vegetarianism is broadly defined as the practice of avoiding the consumption of […]

Six Important Rules For All Yoga To Teachers Live By

Everybody wants to enjoy an amazing class. As a student, they help us develop important skills and increase the depth of our experience. The same goes for teachers– not only does leading a good class feel great, it helps build confidence and deepen our relationship to the price we love. There is nothing quite like […]

5 Tips for Sharing Great FeetUp® Photos

Are you excited about your FeetUp and want to show the world? Excellent. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! It warms our heart to see new photos and videos pop up every day from users around the world eager to share their FeetUp enthusiasm. Not only does the trainer make inversions […]

Five Popular and Magical Ways That Inversions Could Save Your Life

Want to blow your mind? Google “Yoga Inversions” and see what comes up. There are countless articles extolling the virtues of raising your heart above your head that range from simple to profoundly bizarre. It seems like every yoga website online has at least one entry-level article that talks about the benefits of inversions, and […]