Connect + Move: FeetUp Online Class Schedule

Busy is better than bored, and boy OH boy have we’ve been hard at work to make sure our stay-at-home FeetUp community can make the most of their movement practice! Each week, we will post ONE FREE CLASS on our YouTube channel and Facebook Group (FeetUp Community) EVERY THURSDAY from one of our amazing teachers! Here is […]

FeetUp Partner Inversions

Temporary Header Image Partner Drills Inversions

Build trust in shared movement with these FeetUp Partner inversions and learn to share an exciting movement practice with someone you love! Working out helps to build strength, increase flexibility, and blow off steam when we’re feeling stressed. Exploring movement is a personal practice that FeetUp takes seriously. We’re also very serious about having fun […]

Dancer Pose: FeetUp Yoga Basics for Natarajasana

The FeetUp Guide to Dancer Pose

Dancer pose (natarajasana) is a standing backbend pose that combines balance, stability and patience. Natarajasana can be quite challenging pose to master and requires a lot of focus. In addition to opening the shoulders and hips, you’ll need to connect core strength with grounded foundation. After the proper preparation, perfecting dancer pose is much easier with […]

Supported Headstand: The FeetUp Guide to Salamba Sirsasana

FeetUp Guide to Headstand Salamba Sirsasana

Supported Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana) with your FeetUp Trainer is an accessible inversion that combines strength, balance, and trust. People practice inversions for many different reasons. Regardless of goal, the most important thing to consider when preparing to go upside down in your yoga practice is safety. Thankfully, the FeetUp Trainer eliminates one of the biggest […]

The FeetUp Guide to Grounded Inversions

FeetUp Guide to Grounded Inversions

Grounded inversions are poses where your feet are on the ground and your head is lower than your heart.  Keeping your feet on the ground during an inversion is a great way to build more body awareness and confidence in movement. Here are a few tips on how to stay focused and comfortable (with your […]

Child’s Pose: FeetUp Asana Basics

childs pose feetup asana basics header

Child’s Pose is an important (and often necessary) part of every well-rounded yoga practice. A great break from dynamic movement, child’s pose is the perfect pose for when you need a little “me time” throughout the day. Balasana invites us to put our heads down and check in with ourselves whenever things get a little […]

Forward Folds With Your FeetUp Trainer

Even though forward folds look simple, they can be surprisingly challenging. Here are five great poses to help build the flexibility (and patience) needed to deepen your forward folds practice with your FeetUp Trainer. Seated Forward Folds (Paschimottanasana) This calming pose stimulates the internal organs while stretching the legs and back body. Areas of Focus: […]

Tone and Shape Your Glutes With These 8 Butt Sculpting Exercises

8 Sculpting Exercises to Tone and Shape Your Glutes

Get ready to kick your own butt into gear! Grab your FeetUp Trainer (and maybe a set of resistance bands) and check out these 8 great exercises that shape and tone your glutes. Shape your glutes with Supported Hip Thrusts Sit in front of your FeetUp Trainer with your shoulder blades resting against the cushion edge.  […]

Jean-Jacques Gabriel: FeetUp Teacher Profile

Jean Jacques Gabriel FeetUp Teacher Profile Header Image

Introducing Jean-Jacques Gabriel, our newest FeetUp Teacher! We absolutely love that Jean-Jacques teaches embodied movement which invites everyone to be at home in their own bodies with authority, autonomy, and power. His classes, informed by a personal experience of compassionate listening, are uniquely rewarding in both content and presentation. JJ is a wonderful teacher, and we’re […]

Hardcore Exercises for Hard Core Strength

hardcore exercises for hard core strength

Build hard core strength with these 5 hardcore drills! We’re not talking about vanity muscles or attaining an unobtainable 12 pack. We’re referring to the important group of muscles above the hips and below the ribs, from front to back and side to side. Please modify each of the drills to fit your practice. Healthy […]

Better Forward Folds in 3 Easy Steps

When it comes to better forward folds: deep ≠ good. Want for fold forward with more freedom and less soreness in your lower back? Grab a set of FeetUp Cork Blocks! These 3 easy yoga brick tips for better forward folds create more space in your yoga practice. 1. Active Muscles Support Better Forward Folds This […]