Connect + Move: FeetUp Online Class Schedule

Busy is better than bored, and boy OH boy have we’ve been hard at work to make sure our stay-at-home FeetUp community can make the most of their movement practice! Each week, we will post ONE FREE CLASS on our YouTube channel and Facebook Group (FeetUp Community) EVERY THURSDAY from one of our amazing teachers! Here is […]

FeetUp Partner Drills

There is more than one way to use your FeetUp Trainer! Share a practice with someone you love with these fun & flowing partner drills. Once you’re comfortable & grounded, start adding in other movements to spice things up! All it takes is a little communication to synchronize. Tag Team Vinyasa This fun flow works […]

Movement for Better Sleep: 5 Restful Poses to Maximize Relaxation

Life moves pretty fast. It can be super challenging to unwind after a long day.Do you crave better sleep? Throw on your favorite pajamas, grab your FeetUp Trainer and give yourself some time to unwind with these 5 restful shapes for maximum relaxation.  Gentle Camel to Child’s Pose (hold 30 sec + repeat 5 times)    […]

5 Leg Day Exercises for Strength and Mobility

Every day can be Leg Day with the FeetUp Trainer! Here are 5 fun exercises to build more lower body strength & balance in your fitness practice. The videos shows multiple variations for each routine to support your practice at every level. Remember: Listen to your body, make adjustments that work for you, and focus on […]

Reinventing the Wheel: 5 FeetUp Exercises to Support Healthy Backbends

Healthy backbends require more than flexibility and balance. Moving backwards in your yoga practice can be a very good thing! Reinvent your wheel pose with these 5 dynamic FeetUp exercises to create comfort, space & control in spinal extensions.  Puppy Dog with Prayer Hands This pose focuses mainly on flexibility. Prayer Hands bring awareness to the […]

FeetUp Flow: Grounded Warrior Series

For the days that call for more softness & support, this Grounded Warrior series meets you right where your practice needs to be! The FeetUp Trainer provides a stable space to create a deeper connection between breath and body. We don’t always have to work hard to enjoy the benefits of our practice. Slow down, […]

Floating Straddle Balance Progressions

Douglas Adams once said that secret to flying is learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Thankfully, the secret to floating upside down is a LOT easier! Here are 6 FeetUp exercises to help take a hands-on approach with hands-free inversions. There are plenty of variations to explore, so take some time and […]

FeetUp Core: 4 Exercises for Strength & Control

Want to move with more balance and stability? Get to know your midsection from front to back! Activate and engage your core like never before with these four fun FeetUp exercises! Feel free to create variations that match your movement style.   Tuck Ups Find a comfortable seated position at the front of the FeetUp […]

Introducing WoodPower: Organic Tools for Building Strength & Balance

WoodPower. Made with love, inspired by the planet! WoodPower tools are durable, high-quality organic inventions that support your workout without stressing your wallet. Transform your practice into a force of nature! These products are incredibly well-made from quality materials at a very affordable price. We plant trees to honor every sale we make and commit […]

Backdrop Walkover Progressions with the FeetUp Trainer

Feeling comfortable in your inversion practice? Ready to explore full range of motion while upside down? Here are some progressions to help you master the Rolling Backdrop Walkover with your FeetUp Trainer. Remember: Not all of these movements are for beginners. Please practice at your own risk! Floating Tuck with Range of Motion This is […]

5 Ways to Bring More Joy Into Your Yoga Practice

A mindful yoga practice asks us to move with intention while maintaining proper alignment in (and between) body and breath. No big deal, right? You got this.  All joking aside, many yogis (myself included) often take the practice of yoga all-too-seriously. There are many times I’ve found myself struggling until that coveted post-savasana glow hits. […]